Which HTTYD Dragon besides Toothless is your favorite?
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All about me.... *Ahem*.... DRAGONS DRAGONS DRAGONS DRAGONS DRAGONS DRAGONS DRAGONS DRAGONS DRAGONS DRAGONS DRAGONS DRAGONS DRAGONS. Anyways, all joking aside, I'm an avid fan of Pokemon, How to Train Your Dragon, and Dragons in general. My favorite movie, coincidentally, is How to Train Your Dragon, and just about anything that could go along with it. Did I mention that I love dragons? Most likely. I've loved Pokemon for as long as I can remember, and love competitively playing it. My main focus in the games, however, is the ancient practice of Shiny Hunting. From this practice I've met and created a variety of awesome characters, the likes of which will at some time or another be explained. I also love games such as Portal, Skyrim, Spectrobes, MarioKart, Earthbound, Sonic, Ib, The Witch's House, Mad Father, The Crooked Man, Smash Bros, Spore (My name in which is the same as my name here), and many more! In real life, I dabble in the secret and mysterious arts of creative drawing and singing, as well as the running of long distances. My favorite genre of music is Soundtrack, mainly from personal favorite movies and video games. As such, my personal favorite soundtrack is the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack. Not that it's much of a surprise by now. I'd say that I'm intelligent, and have a sense of humor to some extent, the likes of which you may have been experiencing the last few minutes as you read this text.

That was long, wasn't it? Well, that's it for now. You'll see more information about me appear to your right as it comes. So for right now, sit back, enjoy a shuffle playlist of 114 Songs of Gengar (See What I Did There), take off your socks, and enjoy the ride. Cake?

Too bad. It's a lie.



I’ve also played with a GIF. Hiccup looks a bit deranged.. poor Astrid! ;)


I’ve also played with a GIF. Hiccup looks a bit deranged.. poor Astrid! ;)




I lost it at 0:21






But this is so symbolic. Remember when the first movie happened, people made the connection between one of the two statues having only half a horn on one side of their helmet, which was like Book!Hiccup. The statues in those gifs are not the same, they’re holding different weapons (sword, axe) and Book!Hiccup was a swordsman, so it’s safe to assume the statue on the left represents him. So what about the statue on the right? I think it represents Stoick, and when Drago’s Bewilderbeast destroys it, it symbolizes that the chief has fallen, and there’s only Hiccup left.

Oh my gosh. Jeez, Dreamworks.

this is why hoped that they would carve a new statue out of the bewilderbeast’s horn


the deeper you analyze this series the better and better it gets

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Life in the HTTYD fandom


"Why do you like it so much if it it upsets you?" 



Any time you KNOW a post is gonna break your heart


Any time you DIDNT know a post breaks your heart







Calvin and Hobbes: the college years


Y’know, I scrolled past this and thought to myself, “yeah, this is pretty cute, but I’m not gonna reblog it.”

Until I saw that last gif.

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*warning! spoilers in case you haven’t seen it yet!* I killed my voice with feels, I’m so so sorry! Please proceed to chase me down with torches and pitchforks! Some reason for a reprise for Valka to tearfully sing “For the Dancing and Dreaming,” oh well I can dream…


My dearest one my darling dear

My mighty one has fallen

The children weep for their protector

The loved ones will be praying

So we part again my love

My darling one

And so the gods above will bless you

WELP, im balling now.

I’m never going to get over the emotion in this song.

This is beautiful and it hurts